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    Enabel Virtualization Technology


      Hello internet!


      After many hours googling and searching for an anwser to my problem I now ended up here.

      My problem regards enabling Virtualization Technology on my computer, and since I have a Intel Core i5 2500K CPU it should not be a problem.

      But unfortunately it is.


      I am starting to develop android apps and for this I am using their bundle software with Eclipse.

      In Eclipse there is a Android Virtual Device Manager (AVD) that can be used to try out your application, but this AVD is working terribly slow and is a common issue with Eclipse and AVD.


      So I found this thread which could solve the problem:



      This is the errormessage I now get when trying to install HAXM:

      Pasteboard — Uploaded Image


      I have found and changed the option in BIOS so that Virtualization Technology now enabled.

      BUT Intel Processor Identification Utility is still saying that VT is not activated, (or even existing?)

      Pasteboard — Uploaded Image


      This is a proof that my processor should have the technology.

      Pasteboard — Uploaded Image


      System information on my computer:

      Pasteboard — Uploaded Image


      Does anyone out there know how to fix this? Thanks in regards.