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    DX58SO Blinking Blue Light


      Just received my mobo and CPU yesterday and started/tried to finish the build today. Everything went smoothly as far as putting everything on the board itself.


      Once everything was in my case and plugged in the adapter to my PSU, I turned it on and everything was alive!..or so I thought. I waited for about 5 minutes and noticed I had not gotten any message on the LCD, no beeps, no indication of anything that it was going to POST. After 5 minutes,  one of the fans on the heasink stopped spinning for some reason. The blue light near the end of the motherboard was blinking though.


      I turned off the computer and thought it was just a glitch since it was the first time I turned it on. So, I tried again and the same thing happened. I tried the other PCI-E slot, but the same result appeared. I assumed my GPU had gone bad, so I switched it out with a 9400GT and tried both slots again. As I tried all these GPU swaps, the blue light continued blinking. Afterards, I took out all but one RAM stick and put that in the slot nearest the CPU. I still had the HDD, optical drive, and the GTX260 plugged in. Nothing but the blue light worked.


      I switched the GPU once again, but there was still nothing. I unplugged the HDD and retried. Then, I unplugged the optical drive and retried. The only consistent part of my problem has been that blinking blue light.


      So, I took the RAM out and tested it on an AM3 PC. It booted up fine and then I thought it may have been my CPU. So, I called up my friend and asked him to do me a favor when he got home. I brought it over about 30 min ago and tested it on his Asus P6T. I brought the RAM just to verify it worked as well. Everything booted up without a hitch. It was the first I saw my 920 boot up with my 3GB of RAM. If it matters any, he had an i7 940 with the stock cooler.


      Now that I am certain it is nothing else, I came to this website and decided that maybe the BIOS were bad on the board. I read the directions and downloaded the recovery BIOS and burned it onto a CD-R. I took out the clip to expose the pins to enable the board to go into recovery mode, I put the CD in and restarted the computer. Since I still had no video, I coudlnt' tell if it was working or not. The one indication that I did have was that the blue light started blinking in a different manner instead of every two or three seconds. It was as if the bios were being rewritten and the blue light was blinking accordingly.


      I let the disc run for about 2 hours even though the directions said it should only take about 15 minutes and reboot. Nothing happened when I came back and the blue light was still blinking the same way I left it.


      The PSU was the last component I tested. It was fine testing it and I also tried it on my AMD setup (AMD 6400+ 6GB of RAM 3 SATA HDD etc..), it ran flawlessly.


      Could someone please give me another suggestion that I haven't tried?


      Intel rep, is there a way I can RMA this?


      EDIT: I just finished trying everything again with all the parts outside the case. Blinking blue light still present and still nothing showing up on the screen.


      System Specs:


      CPU-i7 920

      Heatsink- Scythe Mugen 2

      RAM-OCZ3P1600LV3GK DDR3 PC3-12800 (3 x 1GB = CL 7)

      HDD- WD 640GB Black


      Optical Drive-Plextor DVD-R/W

      PSU: Antec NeoPower Blue 650 (W)

      Case-Antec 900

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