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    Help E7300 ok E7400 Not ok




      Hi all have just changed processor from E7300 to a E7400 but now will boot into BIOS but thats it, nothing after that.

      The board is a MSI P6NGM Ram is PC2 5300u

      I tried another E7400 & another board but its the same. Cant understand it as the both processors as the same nearly, So why wont the E7400 work but the E7300 will?

      Help please.

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          Hi, which version of the board do you have?the - FD, -FIH, -L, 2-FI or 2-L?

          Aslo have you teste dthe e7400 in another system to find out if it works?

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            Hi thanx for the reply.  Its the board with HDMI so think its the FIH. Sorry but there is no ref on the board except P6NGM.

            I have tried 2 differend E7400 in this board & in another board. both boards work with the E7300 but non with the 2 E7400. The one E7400 is brand new out of a sealed box.Cant belive the 2 E7400 processors are broke. Would it still boot to BIOS if they were broke?

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              Ok, so the other board you tested both e7400s in was it the same model? Becasue itis extremly unlikely that you would have two that are broken, it's unlikely enouhg to get one broken.

              Do you get any beeps when you boot the system with just PSU CPU and heatsink on?

              Have you contacted MSI? it might be worth a try raising a ticket with them.

              What you need to establish is if the CPU is working, and you can only do that by putting it on another board that you KNOW is compatible.

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                Thanx will get in touch with MSI & post back............