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    4930k too hot?



      I'm running a 4930k at stock, recently out of the box.

      I'm getting temperatures on the cores between 79 and 84 degrees, after 20 minutes running Prime95.

      I have a Fractal Design Arc Midi R2 with 3 intake fans and a Swiftech H220 AIO watercooling system on the top pulling out air.

      The room temperature is 21 degrees.


      About the cooler, the fans are running, the pump is running. I've remounted the heatsink twice now, using great thermal paste and the paste provided on the Swiftech box. I've moved around the waterblock and radiator in case of air bubbles, but nothing changed, I don't hear anything strange with it.


      Are these temperatures normal?

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          I am sorry for the issue.


          May I ask where is the temperature reading taken from? It is possible this is a software misreading; please verify the temperature in BIOS, which should be, in idle and normal conditions, lower than 66.8 °C (Tcase).


          When the processor is stressed out handling a heavy load the temperature may go beyond the Tcase but the cooling fan should be in charge to keep that temperature there.


          It is also a good idea to check with the cooling solution manufacturer. We offer this option instead: Desktop; BXRTS2011LC thermal solution installation manual (LGA2011)

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            I've tried 3 different programs to monitor the temperatures. HWMonitor, Core Temp and Real Temp. They all show the same temperatures, max 1 degree difference. Also used AIsuite which comes with my motherboard, but it lags too much.

            I've been in contact with the cooling manufacturer but they can't really come up with an explanation, as the pump and fans seem to be working normally, but who knows. I picked their cooling solutions because it does really nice on reviews and it's not so loud, doing around 12-15 degrees better than the intel watercooling solution.


            I do a lot of video rendering, so there's gonna be a lot of occasions where it might run for hours at full load, and that's on the high 70s through 80s, and that's me testing now on winter with open case and graphics card at idle not producing any heat.

            Unfortunately I don't have any other cooler to test it, but if I bought the Intel stock air cooler: http://www.dabs.com/images/product/uni2/7t/7tyf_xlarge.jpg

            , should I expect it to run at high 60s at load?

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              We cannot fully guarantee lower temperature readings with RTS2011AC; however, if your idle temperature readings are lower than Tcase then it is cooling properly.

              I guess the thermal grease appears smudged when you remove the water block, indicating proper contact.