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    Using Galileo with Plotly


      I recently discovered Plotly..  http://plot.ly  My idea is to have my Galileo read some sensors, and ship off the readings via internet to Plotly to graph. Sounds cool, right? But, I'm not able to compile the API sketches they provide. I've done some digging, and there's an include in one of their .cpp files that

      looks like this..


      #include <avr/dtostrf.h>


      The compiler gives this error:


      C:\arduino-1.5.3\libraries\plotly_ethernet\plotly_ethernet.cpp:1:25: fatal error: avr/dtostrf.h: No such file or directory

      compilation terminated.


      I tried compiling this in the regular Arduino IDE, v1.0.5, and it compiles fine there.. So I figured I go find dtostrf.h in the 1.0.5, and move it over into the 1.5.3 environment for Galileo.  Trouble is, I can't find this file anywhere, even though I've searched in a quite thorough manner..


      Can't explain it, but since it does compile in 1.0.5, there must be something missing in the Galileo 1.5.3 environment.. FWIW, I'm using Windows 7.


      Anyone got an idea here??


      Thank you.