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    D34010WYK Sensor Map/Labels???


      I tried several Sensor Monitoring software solutions for Ubuntu 13.10 including, but not limited too, psensor, and sensors-indicator. I use psensor for my desktop because it correctly picked up and listed all my available sensors, and the reason why I wanted to use that for the NUC is because it also has a psensor-server package that works by installing an app on your phone/tablet and the psensor-server on NUC will send the readings to the phone app. But in this case of the NUC sensors-indicator provides may more sensor readings . Here is an picture of my readings, and this is where my question/inquiry comes to light:


      As you will see everything looks great except for "SYSTIN= 253F" now I am assuming that has to be incorrect for one reason or another, it is not specific to this app, no matter what sensor app you use SYSTIN is listed with that highly absurd number.


      So I put this out there to see why that is happening?


      And if possible get the sensors that are listed with generic label identified with specific info?

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          I am sorry to hear that you have mismatch temperature readings under Linux operating system.


          Please have in mind Intel provides limited support for your operating system.

          You can try any of the Linux support groups to see if there are any drivers available that will provide you with the functions you require.



          See this page for information about supported operating system for your motherboard model:





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            John, I see the same weird SYSTIN inducator on Win7 too.


            Allan, I doubt this is something about Linix. If you take a look onto attachments from my other posting here Is D54250WYK really capable for 4K videos? Particularly, this one https://communities.intel.com/servlet/JiveServlet/download/219023-75317/4k_dxva_on_17fps.jpg then you may notice 123C/253F measured by SYSTIN. What this indicator is about?



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              You will need to check with software monitoring developer for information about SystIN because I do not have information about the exact component that is measuring the temperature.



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                Ok I understand that you don’t support Linux, but I think we have provided enough proof that it is not a "Linux" problem that it is effecting users cross platform and across a wide array of programs. I fail to see how it could be a Software Developer issue, if it is effecting users on Windows/Linux and on every monitoring software available for both.

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                  Allan, thanks for pointing out to the hardware monitor tool! I've tested another one. Here is a screenshot attached -- it points out to the hardware monitor embedded in NUC -- Nuvoton NCT6776F. Here is a datasheet http://webshop.atlantikelektronik.de/Mailings/NCT6776F_NCT6776D_Datasheet_V1_2.pdf Please pay your attention that SYSTIN is there and mentioned many times, it's one of the watchdog sensors that fires interruption in case of system board overheat but... it looks like it was not configured properly or something like that! I know, that's completely pointless but I don't see any other justifications to that behavoir from the NUC.


                  Appreciate your thoughts and ideas!


                  UPDATE #2


                  OK, according to http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23089/eng/D54250WYB_D34010WYB_TechProdSpec03.pdf there is a different embedded controller -- Nuvoton NCT5577D -- http://www.nuvoton.com/hq/enu/ProductAndSales/ProductLines/CloudAndComputingIC/SuperIO/SuperIOforDesktopandIPC/Documents/NCT5577D.pdf but this does not change much... Still, it is a system board temperature indicator.



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                    This NUC will give temperature readings for 4 items:


                    • CPU core temp
                    • Memory temp
                    • Motherboard ambient temp
                    • PCH temp


                    You can view these in BIOS and compare to your 3rd party apps. Anything other than those 4 that may appear in those apps would be invalid readings.


                    We previously saw this type of thing on one of our earlier NUC models - a phantom item that was always stuck at 123 degrees Celsius. There is nothing magic about 123 degrees - that number simply appears to be the default value on phantom sensors. It looks like the app you are using is doing the same thing.


                    I believe this to be just a cosmetic issue with no real underlying problem, but will let the engineering team know about it.



                    Lois H.


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                      Here is an explanation for what is going on. I will try to keep this as non-technical as I can...


                      Most monitoring applications, regardless of whether they are for Linux or Windows (or both), suffer from a well-known problem: while they might understand how the SIO device works, they do not understand how the SIO device is being used on a particular board. This can manifest in many different ways. Here are a few examples:


                      1. There may be sensors in the SIO that are not being used. This is the case we have here; the SYSTIN sensor is not used (not connected to an external diode/thermistor and thus returns garbage readings). In the case of the WY NUCs, this is because we are using the NCT5577 SIO and, in this particular device, this sensor is not bonded out to an input pin (I would use it if I could!).
                      2. There may are sensors that share input pins and only one of the two sensors can actually return valid readings (depending upon what input is provided). For example, in the case of the NCT6776/NCT5577, the AUXTIN temperature sensor and the VIN3 voltage sensor share an input pin. If a diode/thermistor is connected, the AUXTIN sensor shows good temperature readings and the VIN3 sensor shows garbage voltage readings. If a voltage input is connected, however, the AUXTIN sensor shows a garbage reading and the VIN3 sensor shows a valid voltage reading. Note: in our case, we use this input for a temperature.
                      3. In the case of voltage sensors, the Analog to Digital Converter within the SIO can only support voltage inputs that are (in this case) less than ~2.2V. If you want to measure a voltage that is higher – the 5.0 volt rail for example – you have to divide down the voltage to some value below 2.2V before inputting it to the device (this is done with pull-up and pull-down resistors). When you read the reading from the sensor, you must multiply them up by the same amount that the resistor array divided them down before you will see a correct value. If the application doesn’t understand the divider being used on a board, it won’t know how to multiply the value and thus displays what appears to be a garbage value. This too is an issue that you folks are seeing (but perhaps didn't catch).


                      These applications need to have support added to them for a database that explains how each board works. This is problematic, I know, because boards come and go, but there is no other way to handle this that I know of...




                      P.S. I generate documents that explain how we use the SIO (and other monitoring devices) on our various boards -- and have them covering boards all the way back through our 6 Series Intel® Desktop boards. If you are a developer for any of these applications, let me know and we can arrange to get these documents released to you...

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                        Spearson, that makes sense. Thank you for explanation!

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                          spearson, Thanks, To bad you don’t work for Intel support, that’s all i was looking for was an answer like your not a "we don’t support Linux contact sw developer"


                          For those of you using Linux you are probably using Psensor I found an alternate that i prefer it is more customizable :Hardware Sensors Indicator, If you just want the basics all you need is that package, If you want extended info, more sensors and CPU voltage info also download lm-sensors package and run sudo sensors-detect, reboot and configure HSI. The link above is the GitHub project page, If you prefer PPA's here you go:

                          Daily Builds:

                          sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexmurray/indicator-sensors-daily

                          sudo apt-get update

                          sudo apt-get install indicator-sensors lm-sensors

                          Stable Builds:

                          sudo add-apt-repository ppa:alexmurray/indicator-sensors-daily

                          sudo apt-get update

                          sudo apt-get install indicator-sensors lm-sensors