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    Intel Core i7 4500U frequency



      My question about 4500u frequency in 3d apps.

      I have 4500u + 8870M combo and when run something heavy, like 3DMark, after few minutes of test frequency drop from 2.7-3.0 to the "native" 1.8Ghz and its make most 3d apps laggy. Max temp i have notice in such test around 72-76 degrees.

      This is build-in function or i can do something with it and have stable 2.7-3Ghz?

      sorry for my english.

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          I understand processor frequency drops to default when running benchmark software.

          Since you have a mobile ultra high energy efficient processor, there is a feature called Enhanced Intel SpeedStep Technology (EIST), this will lower processor speed to preserve power.

          You can try to disable eist at BIOS. Please check with your computer manufacturer for proper BIOS settings.