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    BSOD after Intel graphics 3000 driver update to


      Hello intel community.


      I'm writing because I'm hoping someone can help me with this odd problem i've run into when updating. recently my pc has lagged a little during fullscreen in youtube and after having gamed for a good few hours. i googled it and learned that it was about time i updated my drivers, since this would fix it. i did this 2 days ago, but after running into a problem with another update, i had to do a system restore today. I reinstalled the driver today so that i could get back to ver. 9.17 and BAM BSOD. I've tried a few times now, but no matter what i do, as soon as i update my driver 8.15 to 9.17, i get BSOD. After that, the intel graphics is disabled and pc looks like something from the 90s.


      thank you for your time.