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    p7350 - can i run 64 bit windows 2008/2012 on it




      I have hp pavillion p7350 with widows vista home premium 64 bits on it.

      p7350 @2.00Ghz, 2000 mhz, 2 cores, 2 logical processors

      bios version - Hewlett-Packard F.21, 8/20/2009

      SMBios version 2.4



      Now I am trying to create a Virtual Machine (windows 2008 R2 x64 bit) on it using VMWare player (and also tried with oracle virtual box) but it gives following error:

      Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 - VMware Player
      This virtual machine is configured for 64-bit guest operating systems. However, 64-bit operation is not possible.

      This host does not support Intel VT-x.

      For more detailed information, see http://vmware.com/info?id=152.



      The following link says my processor doesn't support virtualization. Can anybody suggest work around please?




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          Hi Pravin,

          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


          Checking the processor specifications, it seems that in fact it does not support Intel® Virtualization Technology. This is software/ hardware based feature and it is required for certain operations as the one you are trying to use.


          If the feature needs to be enabled to use the Virtual Machine I am afraid to say that will not work on your unit due to the missing component.

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            Thanks Kevin for exact answer that I was looking for. Until now I was happy that my 4.5yrs old laptop is working all fine and allows me to do anything that i want - it was one of the high end laptops when i purchased.


            Due to the limitation of VTx I need to purchase another laptop. I am thining to purchase I5 (3rd or 3th generation)...i don't really want to go to i3 due to speed and i5 don't cost much higher than i3...and don't want to go for i7 as it doesn't really offer much speed with compare to the cost that it comes for.


            Can you please guide me on what processor i look for or any comprehensive document which lists different features of these different processors? fyi my requirement is I will run 1 (max 2) VMs on the new laptop for training and/or development purpose. I am thinking to go for i5 4th generation with 8gb ram, which can be later extended to 16gb. Anything guidance is welcome Kevin!