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    Latest RST for Mac Pro 2008 7x64?


      Hi wondering if you can help.


      I have a Mac Pro 3,1 2008 tower and wondered what the final RST driver which supports my model for Windows 7 x64.  It's based on the 5400 chipset with twin Harpertown Xeon CPU's, 800Mhz FB-DIMMs and has the ESB2 Sata controller, screenshots of devmgr attached. Got bitten by the 746Gb bug off the earlier RST driver (which marked nearly half a 4tb drive with bad clusters!) but managed to get the version working ok.  Could anyone help with the final RST build number my model supports? I must have tried half a dozen of them already with the earliest which says it is not supported and after the corruption I've had I would rather know in advance before I attempt installing another one.




      Thanks in advance!

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          GavMack, the support for your product is offered through your computer manufacturer. I recommend checking the link below for troubleshooting assistance on your Apple computer:





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            Thanks Sylvia, but unfortunately Apple do not support native booting via AHCI with Windows on any of the Mac Pro towers, leaving us multi OS bootcamp users stuck in legacy ata-133 mode, useless for SSD with no trim support and only two of the four drive sleds accessible with the 4 device limit of IDE. Fortunately thanks to the Mac Pro user community you can make modifications to the MBR of the bootcamp partition within OSX to make the Mac Pro EFI bios boot in AHCI mode to maximise the performance of our towers running Windows and enable access to all four drive sleds in SATA 2 mode!


            I was asking primarily as an Intel chipset enquiry as to what newest driver my model of Mac Pro can support running Windows 7x64 going by my description of the intel chipset on the logic board and the listings in Device Manager etc.

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              You have posted this in the support forum for Intel Desktop Board products. You need to repost to the Chipset support forum to get this in front of the right audience...



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                Apologies - this message board software is possibly the most confusing I have yet to encounter and I thought I posted it there already.  Will find it somehow and repost thank you!


                EDIT: That wasn't too difficult now I'm not using my iPad!


                Can anyone in Chipsets help me with this query?

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                  Hi GavMack,


                  I am really sorry to hear you are having issues with the unit. It is important to mention that based on an agreement between Apple and Intel®, Apple have requested that all support for apple systems will be provided by them only.


                  At this point, my recommendation is to contact Apple for further assistance.

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                    Hi, is the latest WHQL version, otherwise you may try beta that works fine too. ESB2 (PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2681&CC_0106) was skipped on newer versions AFAIK. Guess you already know that but to force Bootcamp to switch it to AHCI mode you need to patch MBR.