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    DG45ID HDMI Timing, cannot set to 59hz

      I represent a handful of sony tv owners who cannot output 59hz to the lcd tv therefore, do not have access to the tv's picture format options. NVidia, ATI, xbox, cablebox all allow you to select multiple output format but this board and its driver does not. The downside to that is that when watching blu-ray movie, my tv treats as a pc output and the colors look aweful. If I could send either a 59hz refresh signal or select vaiable output (ex. 720p, 1080 p) then the tv would tread my pc as a consumer electronics device and turn on all the picture format options.


      Does anyone know a fix for this?

      Intel, please provide this option in next video driver update.

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          MAny MAny problems occur because of the EDID infomation and control system.  Its suppose to help but acctually cause so many problems.  If you plan to use a PC for HDMI video you also need to buy a device like the gefen DVI detective.  Find a display that actually works, use it to copy the EDID info then connect to you PC.  The PC will then allow you to output anything the EDID info told it.