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    CIR Issue with Power On from S3 Sleep Mode




      I'm having an issue in which I am not able to power on the D34010WYK NUC from a S3 sleep state in Win 8.1 x64 using a Logitech Harmony or MCE remote. When the NUC is on, every IR command is received and works. It also receives the power toggle command and sleeps properly. BIOS settings seem to be correct and I have updated to the latest CIR driver.


      The strange part is that power on does work when the Microsoft eHome Infrared Transceiver driver is uninstalled and reinstalled. But after a reboot or a few hours spent in sleep mode, it just stops working again. I don't have Intel Rapid Start Technology or Windows Hibernation enabled. The NUC is set to only stay in a S3 sleep state. Also, the mouse and keyboard can wake it up just fine, but this is an HTPC so that is not a viable solution.


      I tried enabling and disabling almost every wake/sleep setting there is in windows Device Manager and Power Options but nothing works and now I am officially out of ideas.


      Can someone please help me?


      Thank you.