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    DZ87KLT-75K restarting all the time with external USB hard disks attached


      Hi everybody!


      I have an extremely annoying booting issue:

      Whenever I power on my new system with an attached external HD (any of two 1TB Buffalo drives or my external LG Blue-Ray writer)
      to any USB port the mainboards only shows the Intel and resets.

      This goes on and on - Intel logo, reboot, dark screen and starts again.


      When I detach the drive everything works perfectly, Windows 7 64 boots and I cvan attach the drive without any issues.


      • Visual BIOS version is the current 447
      • Setting are default, no overclocking etc.
      • Windows has not been installed in UEFI mode
      • UEFI boot is disabled in the Setup
      • Boot from USB devices has been disabled
      • The latency for drive detection has been set to 5 and 10 seconds


      Nothing solved this problem.

      I am really shocked with an Intel board having such a stupid issue.


      Anybody has got any idea how this could be solved?


      Thanks and cheers,