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    No I/OAT capabilities detected on Nehalem-EP system




      I'm having problems regarding Intel I/OAT technology on a Nehalem-EP system.



      Dell PowerEdge R710

      2x Intel Xeon L5520

      Intel 5500/5520 chipset

      Intel PRO1000PT Dual-Port Server Adapter

      Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 x64 Std. Edtion (another one with 2008 x64 Std.)


      I have installed the latest BIOS, chipset driver (9.1.1012), network adapter and IOATDMA driver (both version 14.0). The IOATDMA engine is enabled in BIOS and the Windows device manager shows some working Intel Quickdata Technoloy Interfaces. 


      Unfortunately when I start the IOATCHK Tool from the IOATDMA driver kit it tells me that the system is not capable of running I/OAT. Is this a limitation of the IOATCHK tool, which is too old to recognise the 5500/5520 as an I/OAT-capable device or is there another option that I have missed?