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    Roadmap Please


      At this point most of us are familiar with the very early support level of the Arduino libraries in the 1.5.3 IDE.

      These were released back in September, and there has been no externally visible sign of progress yet.

      When can we expect a fuller release where the majority of Arduino sketches compile successfully?

      Fixing the broken time functions would be nice too. Maybe in Arduino 1.5.4?

      When can we expect the 0.8.0 release to be officially supported? 0.7.5 is still the only thing mentioned on the Downloads page.

      And (wishlist) when can we get an Arduino IDE built using Glibc so it actually works with my Clancy-full build? Still need the Ulibc version though for rom based systems.


      Mostly - can we have a roadmap please, with maybe regular updates?

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          I second the question in that it would be good to know what the anticipated dates or road map is for shield support, libraries, IDE, and most important "COM port issue fix for Windows 7" (Issue 54396 - Windows 7 IDE - COM port stops working). Some type of regular updates would also be nice.

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            Clayton Hofrock

            I also would like a roadmap or some communication on the next release.


            Honestly, this is one of Intel's biggest weak spots. Intel is used to dealing with companies that literally sell millions of dollars worth of computers a day. When Intel has a problem, they tend to cut off all communication, or reduce it down as much as possible until a solution is known, fully validated and ready to release to the world. This reduces the thrash on those big companies, because during the debug and fixing process, there will often be some inaccurate, incomplete, or just plain wrong information about the problem. These companies have no other recourse than to just wait for the solution to appear. Most of them have spent several millions of dollars and thousands of man hours designing a computer that works with Intel's silicon. They cannot afford to throw all of that out, and start over with Intel's competition.



            This model does not work for the maker community, people are not going to sit around and wait for Intel to finally provide a solution. They are going to assume that a solution is not coming and just move on to using some other hardware.

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              Clayton Hofrock

              Really what I would like, is for this community to vote on what we want fixed next. (via a poll)


              Then Intel can take a snapshot of the poll, figure what things they can fix (due to resource constraints) and communicate which issues they are going to fix, and how long it will take for the next release.


              Meanwhile, an new poll could be started, for the community to vote on.


              In my opinion, that would be awesome.