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    What 3rd party enclosures exist for Haswell NUC?


      I'm planning on getting a Haswell-based NUC in the short term and was considering getting a 3rd party case that would have either a better or different cooling solution.  After scouring the web for a while these are all I've been able to find, and none of them seem to be available for purchase.



      Newton H

      Tesla H


      Logic Supply:

      LGX ML320 Ruggedized Fanless Haswell NUC Case  | Logic Supply



      D3NU lineup



      PT 15, PT16, and PT18 - no details yet except that they were shown at CES 2014



      NC1-WY and NC3


      Tranquil PC:

      Abel H series


      Are there other cases out there I'm not aware of?

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