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    1366x768 Resolution issue on Intel HD Graphics 3000


      I recently bought a used Lenovo ThinkPad L520 (Type 5017 - AA5).


      I reinstalled Windows 7 64-bit and it was working just fine until 2 days ago.


      Now, a couple of changes were made simulatenously (or back to back).


      I increased the 4GB RAM to 8GB by installing a 4GB DIMM.

      At the same time, the last shutdown before installing RAM was when I ran Windows Update and it did some Update.


      After that, I lost my 1366x768 resolution.


      I tried everything that I could find on different forums. I tried removing the DIMM I installed; tried uninstalling the last Windows Update; tried modifying the Registry enteries thru regedit; even tried re-installing my OS.


      I am stuck with recommended display of 1280x800, that stretches my display vertically making me impossible to see taskbar.

      Currently I am using 1280x720, that is leaving about 0.8" on top, 1.5" on right, and 0.3" on bottom..completely black.


      If anyone can help me out in this please? I am desperate to get my 1366x768 resolution back.