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    Problems with Silverlight over long HDMI cable (DVI->HDMI, HDCP?)


      Hi guys,


      I'm having trouble viewing films on Watchever.de (similar to Netflix using Silverlight) over my projector.

      I own a Dell E4300 Laptop with "Mobile Intel(R) 4 Series Express Chipset Family" onboard graphics and am connecting that to my Acer H5360BD projector as follows:

      Dell E4300 -> Dockingport -> DVI-to-HDMI Converter -> 15m HDMI cable -> projector input

      For every other applicationthis works fine, however with Watchever I get frequent small grey dots/ lines and even the parts of/ the whole screen just noise (The exact same as this, although this is not my photo: http://cr4.globalspec.com/PostImages/201003/Westinghouse_HDCP_Handshake_Issue_B494E8DF-0D1E-D285-F7B5AF654CB93EAA.jpg)


      I suspect this might be a HDCP issue, as it only occurs with the actual movies, but not with the trailers, for example.

      Watchever streams the videos using Silverlight embedded in their webpage, so I cannot try different viewers etc.


      I experimented with the cable lengths and HDMI repeaters to see if that helps, however I'm starting to feel like the Intel Graphics Adapter might be causing the trouble. When using a 3m HDMI cable (Laptop -> DVI adapter -> 3m cable -> projector) all is fine, but on 15m even with an active amplifier the signal starts crackling as soon as I open the Silverlight page (and any other content is crisp and fine over 15m with or without repeater).

      Can it be that the DVI output is somehow weaker than other HDMI outputs? in most configurations, the amplifiers didn't even work, so the overall signal might be on the verge of too weak.


      Has anyone ever experienced similar problems before? Might this also be a driver problem?


      Thanks in advance, Lenny