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    Tiled 4k screen support on 4th gen Core i Processors


      Is there any kind of official statement as to the support of those existing and upcoming UHD (3840x2160Hz) PC screens that operate in tiled mode (so they operate in DisplayPort MST mode and get two 1920x2160 @60Hz signals that the driver puts together to a single display (just like you get one single 2560x1600@60Hz from a dual link DVI connection). AFAIK, all 4K screens right now operate in this mode.


      Only the 4th gen Core I Series H models apparently support 3840x2160@60Hz according to this:

      Quick Reference Guide to 4th Generation Intel® Core™ Processor Graphics (formerly codenamed Haswell) | Intel® Developer Zone.

      Yet, the data sheet also states (http://www.intel.com/content/dam/www/public/us/en/documents/datasheets/4th-gen-core-family-mobile-u-y-processor-lines-vol-1-datasheet.pdf table 9) that the U series can drive two displays at 3200x2000@60Hz. So, spec wise, there's enough pixel throughput to drive those tiled beasts, but it all comes down to the drivers.

      Nvidia manages, AMD too (all with recent drivers and far from all cards) - what's intel's take on that? I read the sticky on collage mode for 4Kx2K - I just found some new drivers on WindowsUpdate that aren't yet on intel.com and using some creative option chosing, I actually managed to get collage mode working so my 4K screen now runs at full resolution at 60Hz, but since collage mode is meant for disjoint displays, it's not really the full experience (e.g. the taskbar only spans one screen or is duplicated, you can go full screen by dragging a window to the top, the usual you get with a dual screen setup).


      Can we expect driver support for 4K tiled displays in MST mode on 4th gen core I processors in the future to drive 4K displays at their full resolution at 60Hz (so that not only do we get 60Hz, but Windows will see one single display and acts accordingly)?

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          Hi ssteiner78,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you.


          As you mentioned before, the H processors can handle 3840x2160 at 60Hz. Also in the same quick reference for 4th generation processors it is mentioned that the U processors can handle 3200x2000 at 60Hz.

          Our current drivers provide the possibility to reach this configuration but it is important to mention that single Link only is supported by our controllers. Our engineering department has been working to develop newer drivers including fixes and patches. It is probably the driver with this will come but at this point there is no ETA yet.

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            1) An Asus representative demonstrates, step by step, how to enable collage mode, 60Hz and at the same side get rid of glitches likes two taskbars in the below youtube video:




            Have you tried this method? Although he says he tries that on an Intel Haswell GPU, he does not specifically mention which particular GPU model (HD 4400, HD 5000, etc) he tries on in the video. Therefore YMMV. Please let us know which specific card you have and whether the method demonstrated in the video works for you or not.


            2) It seems Intel has recently released a new driver on 23 March 2014. The method demonstrated in that video may start working after installing the new driver:


            Intel Iris and HD graphics Driver v15.33.18 Download


            Intel Drivers & Downloads - Intel


            Let us know your results.

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              Even extending the display would previously just lead to my machine crashing and rebooting (back when I made those posts).

              With the latest official drivers, things have improved. Not only do I not have any driver crashes after coming back from display sleep, but I was able to activate extended mode from the getgo in both modes (previously it would either mess up the display, with one half only filling half the area, or the resolution being completely out of whack).

              Long story short.. the computer started in clone mode, switching to the proper extended mode worked, as did creating a collage from the two displays.


              And all that's on a Dell UP3214Q  revision A00 (so no firmware fix for half screen issues and sleep issues). I'll drive this display in collage mode for a few days now seeing if there's anything that off.

              I just tested the sleep/wake. And I'm afraid that's problematic.. I had to power cycle the screen to get the picture back. However, that also happens frequently with my U4500 based Brix and the U4300 based Elitebook 840G1 using the 15.33.18 drivers - display goes off (both on two Dell U3014s and an HP ZR30w) and it takes me playing a whole drum set on keyboard and mouse and sometimes a power cycle to get the picture back, pointing to a what is probably another driver issue.

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                Thanks for the feedback. We are constantly developing drivers to fix these problems.

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                  Unfortunately, with an A01 revision display, things are back to not working again. Swapping clone/extended mode settings (change display order) has always been hit and miss (with the wrong config immediately crashing your entire box), and being unable to swap display order, my display now starts in the middle, instead of at the left.

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                    Joining this conversation.  I have a NUC with hd5000 graphics and an ASUS pq321 monitor.  I realized I had been running it in 30hz since getting it.


                    Downloaded the newest Intel drivers offered by Windows Update and set up collage mode.  In general works fine until I leave the machine for a while.  I don't allow my machine to sleep, but it does turn the monitor off after a while.  Once it does I can't get it to come back up with keyboard/mouse.  I have to turn it off and back on.  Once I do so and log back into Windows 8.1, all my open windows have shrunk down to a small size in the top left corner of the screen and there is a ghost taskbar in the middle top of area of the screen.  Have to log off and back on for that to go away.  Will try the latest drivers from Intel now.

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                      Tried the newest 3907 drivers.  Collage mode only offers up to 3840x1440 now.  Weird.  Very disappointed in the quality of Intel drivers.  Had to revert back to the May drivers where I expect I'll still have the problems if the monitor sleeps/is turned off.