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    Wifi jumps on and off!?!?!?!?!


      Are you ******* kidding me intel? My thought when bying Intel NUC "Intel know their ****, they have been making this **** forever..."


      I Was wrong !


      First the ******* Sound Issue which apparently takes FOREVER to fix... !!! Even though they know why the problem exists. Was written in another debate...



      Now my ******* Wifi jumps on and off... For NO REASON, Full signal. Im NOT a ******, but not an IT specialist.

      The router stands 2inches from my NUC and still i cant stream tv for more than 2 minutes then it jumps off, cant browse in google chrome or anything, then after 30 secs its back on for 2 minutes... etc....



      And its NOT the wifi adapther which have been causing problems

      This is my Wifi adapter:



      Im EXTREMELY dissapointed in Intel and much have to change in order for me to buy Intel the next time....


      Dont release the ******* hardware whens i faulty on so many levels... Test it before shipping !!! Do quality work !



      And yes im extremely ****** right now !

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          Hello MartinPH,


          I'm very sorry you are having wireless connection issues. I had a quick chat with my wireless colleague here and got a few ideas:


          • Make sure you are using the current wireless software version – 16.7.
          • It sounds like it could be a router setting. You can try setting the router to a specific channel and turn off the auto-channel mode.
          • Try moving the router further away from the NUC - having it so close can cause issues. We recommend at least 2 feet distance.


          I'd also request you post your wireless experience on the Wireless community as well, as that one is monitored by wireless-specific technicians - https://communities.intel.com/community/tech/wireless



          Lois H.