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    dq67ep strange bios update behavior


      Hallo Team,

      only for notice:

      after some problem with Version 0064 Bios (restarts during installation attempt), i decided to upgrade the board to Version 0066 Bios.

      It was not possible to install the bios neither with the F7 Method, neither the iFlash method, nor in the classical recovery way. Everything done like in the nice youtube vids, but no success.

      After a few attempts I hit the F7 key short after booting without the jumper in recovery mode. That was the trick.

      Ok, its an old board, but maybe someone will be facing in the future the same problems. On my other DH61DL I didnt faced any kind of strange behavior.

      Greatings to all


      PS: it was very hard to fund some oldie but goldie itx board with 6 sata ports (dq67dl has 2esata +4sata = bargin) and vpro capability.