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    Major random GHz drop on an Intel core i7


      Computer Specs:


      • CPU:  Intel core i7-3630QM @2.4GHz
      • GPU:  Nvidia  GT 630M
      • RAM:  8GB of DDR3 Memory
      • 1 TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
      • 17.3-Inch Screen
      • Windows 8.1

      Samsung Series 5 NP550P7C-T01US


      The story is as follows:  I started up my computer, opened my task manager, to find that my CPU performance was stuck at a measly 1.15GHz.  My CPU usually runs a steady 3 GHz WITHOUT overclocking.  I have never overclocked my CPU. I was using my computer the day before this happened.  I had been using windows 8.1 for about a month at this time, so I am pretty sure that that is ruled out as the problem.


      I am looking for help to help fix my problem here.