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    Email subscribe to the Makers forum?

    Clayton Hofrock

      Is there a way to subscribe to the this forum via email? I would like to get an email message every time there is a post to any of the makers forums. I find that my email search does a better job than the search function in the forum. Plus it is easier for me to keep up with what is going on.

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          Hi Chofrock,


          If you go to preferences on the menu next to your name. There is an option to recieve emails notification on activity you are following. I will see if there is another option to get email notification on every new post.


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            I'd also be interested in this functionality of subscribing to all new messages and not only those I explicitly follow - makes it easier to detect new threads without logging in to the Community.


            BTW, for anyone who wants to have an access to the forums from your smartphone - this platform has rather nice mobile interface, which you can access even without entering credentials after authorizing your mobile device. Look at the "Mobile" tab under your account's "Preferences" (accessible by clicking at the down arrow next to your forum name in the upper-right corner of the web page).