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    Problem with external monitor on intel mobile 945gm


      Hi all,


      I am new to this forum. I am having a problem with my integrated graphics card Intel Mobile 945gm on my Dell XPS M1210 laptop. The problem started a few weeks ago and I cannot solve it. I even reinstalle the operating system (Windows Vista Business x64) and all the drivers but to no avail.


      The problem is the following: I used to connect an external monitor to the VGA port on my laptop and use it in the extended desktop configuration. A few weeks ago after I used the laptop at a seminar with a projector, the external monitor woldn't show any image anymore. I connect the cable and the monitor is detected by the configuration utility but there is no image displayed and the monitor goes on standby.


      My laptop is out of warranty now and dell if funny about this. Plus they are a bit useless with the support. So I am hoping that the ppl who built the actual video card will have some ideea about what is going on.






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          I have almost the same problem. I am using a Dell Latitude D420 booting on both windows XP or ubuntu 8.04 linux. I used to use an external monitor attached and use it instead of the laptop display. Everything fine, and some day, without warning, the external display is recognized, but it says "No Signal". I have been googling. In same places says that it was a weird "Doctor Spyware" interaction, but I have it not installed at all. Any help will be very welcome