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    Bug in OpenGL driver


      hello, we are game prgormmers and we found bug in opengl driver, on windows 7, video card: HD 3000

      We create two thread's and two OpenGL contexts


      first thread and context for create resources( textures, shaders, buffers ),

      second for render - he do only rendering

      and we have problem

      if render context do rendering - glDrawElements(GL_TRIANGLES... )


      load thread do link shaders, driver do crash inside


      glAttachShader( programId, vs->shaderId );

      glAttachShader( programId, ps->shaderId );

      glLinkProgram( programId ); - in here


      On Ati, Nvidia, iOS - our game work fine!

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          Hi Vladislav123,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems but let me help you on this.


          I will need to get some more information so we can start the investigation. Please provide the following:


          1. Graphics Report.
          2. DirectX report.
          3. System configuration.
          4. Name of the game and link to download for testing purposes.
          5. Steps taken to reproduce the problem.


          Please make sure you have the system updated with the latest drivers and firmware for the game before posting this information.