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    memory error on MB DZ68DB


      I am at a lose I have the motherboard dz68db. I am building a completely new comp, I keep getting the bad memory beeps.

      I have used 3 different sets of ram and 2 different MB's and 2 different cpu's, and still the same result, 3 / 1 second beeps and then

      2.5 pause. any advice on what to try would surely be appreciated

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          cnrepass, please let me have the following information in order to find out if all the components are compatible with the board and the processor.


          Motherboard AA#.

          Current BIOS version:

          Processor model #

          Memory Model #


          I would recommend you to test the system out of the chassis without memory. The system should give a 3 beeps sound.


          Since you already tested the board with different memory and processor, you may need to get in touch with our Warranty Department so they can help you to replace the unit: Contact Support    

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            Hello, thanks for the interest in my question the AA# is G27985-104, not sure of the Bios ver it is a brand new board, the processor model # is I5-3330, the memory is Ballistix sport BLS8G3D1339DS1S00.16FER times 2, the testing I have done has been out of the chassis, the other MB that I tried has an AA# G2785-100 and the other processor is a !3-3240

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              The issue that you are experiencing could be related to the fact that you require an updated BIOS version to use your processor.


              Please check for more information at the following web site: http://www.intel.com/support/motherboards/desktop/sb/CS-033076.htm


              Please let me know if you are able to access the BIOS when using the i3-3240 processor? Are any of these two motherboards working?

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                Some seem to be reporting issues with RAM slot installation configuration on this board, as to which slots are occupied and how the system responds.


                It seems the advice is to make sure the slot closest to the CPU is always occupied, otherwise the board complains.


                On my DZ68BC, I have always had all four slots occupied with 4 * 4GB = 16GB of Kingston HyperX memory, and have never had an issue with the board not powering up due to memory issues.


                So if you can, fill all four slots.


                Also my experience has always been despite whether using Dual Channel or not, that systems always respond better to matching pairs of RAM sticks being installed. Even in the days long gone of Pentium II systems, I always insisted on purchase of identical sticks of RAM if more than one stick was required, and I think they ran better than with 3 or 4 different modules installed.