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    Screen Dimming in Windows 7 Vaio Pro 13


      I have a new Vaio Pro 13 running Window 7 Ultimate. I have downloaded the latest drivers from Intel, and I have also disabled "Adaptive Brightness" in services.msc. I have also checked the BIOS, but it doesn't seem to contain any settings for screen brightness. Nonetheless, if I unplug my computer from AC power, the screen will dim and brighten at random and in stages (i.e., instead of going from level 1 to level 4, it will go from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4). This continues as long as I run the computer on battery power, and it especially seems to happen if I am opening or closing windows. I have scoured the forums and web for an answer to this issue, but so far, nothing has helped.


      Does anyone have a solution for this issue? Does anyone know if Intel is doing anything with the drivers to resolve this problem?