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    Fact finding mission for fan noise issue



      So far, our team has not been able to reliably reproduce the excessive fan noise issue on the Haswell NUCs - not even on a unit that was returned to us for this problem.


      If you are experiencing the problem, it would help us to know...


      1. The Serial Number on the chassis label (this will tell us when the unit was built)
      2. What make/model components did you use - memory, mSATA drive, WiFi card
      3. Did you make any fan setting changes in BIOS or is it set to factory defaults?
      4. What is the typical fan speed showing in BIOS?
      5. How do you have your NUC positioned - horizontal/vertical? In an enclosed cabinet? On a hard surface?
      6. Does the fan noise begin immediately upon boot up, or does it take a while (how long)?
      7. Describe the noise - is it a steady high-pitch fan noise, revving up and down like a jet engine, something else?



      Lois H.


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          Lois, appreciate this thread initiation!


          Just not to lost the previous posts on the topic -- please refer thread Fan noise from D54250WYK for additional info including audio samples.

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            Thank you - yes, I've been watching that thread too. But there's not much included there about the NUC configurations or the positioning of the units, so want to gather that as well.



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              OK, I try again:

              1. G6YK3430013A  SA H14752-101

              2. Memory Kingston KVR16LS11/4 in both slots, Intel 525 SSD Series mSATA - 180GB, Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 7260 (disabled, use Ethernet)

              3. BIOS set to factory Default

              4. Typical fan speed 3161 RPM

              5. Positioned  horizontal on a hard table; if I lift it up in my hand or mount it on the wall the noise is much worse but of the same nature; if I place a 2 kilogram heavy smoothing iron on top of it the noise is reduced. It is in the Intel cabinet that the D54250WYK came with.

              6. Fan noise begins immediately upon boot up (and is stronger during POST - of cause).

              7. The noise is constantly the same all the time; I have earlier described the sound as a circular saw, but it is hard to describe sounds so I attache a sound sample again; then you can listen to it or use a spectrum




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                I'm not sure, but I think that the problem is that the fan noise is too high on all NUCs. We expect very low noise when the NUC is idle while Intel are happy with their noise level. Are we supposed to hear the fan when the computer is idle?



                We compare this NUC to our laptops and I have never had a laptop witch make so much noise when idle. At idle the NUC noise is what I expect when playing a game.



                The bios default to 40% minimum duty cycle. When I change this to 21% the noise goes to an acceptable noise level. My NUC is now running the fan at about 1965 rpm instead of 4000 rpm. Temps are:

                cpu: 67(C)

                mem: 64(C)

                Motherboard: 60(C)



                My setup is:

                Intel NUC D54250WYK

                8 gb ram

                Intel Solid-State Drive 530 120gb

                No wlan


                All drivers installed

                Bios 0022



                My NUC sits horisontal on top of a mac mini witch sits on the floor and the mac mini is turned off . The room temperature is about 23C.

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                  I am glad that you are looking into this, but I'm disheartened that you

                  haven't been able to duplicate the problem, especially since I returned my

                  first unit because of fan noise and the replacement unit has too much fan

                  noise as well (though different from the first.)


                  To answer your questions:


                  1.  first unit date of manufacture is shown as: Dec 5 2013

                  replacement unit: Dec 2 2013


                  2.  2 x Crucial Ballistix 8 GB DDR3 - 1600 9-9-9-24 @1.35V

                      Plextor 256 GB model PX-256M5M

                      no wifi


                  3.  no changes to fan settings


                  4.  fan speed currently is holding steady at about 3245 RPM.  I hadn't looked

                  at this before so I don't know what it was on the original unit.  CPU core

                  temp shows as 54 degrees C.


                  5.  At all times the units have been horizontal on a hard surface in an open

                  area with air temperature about 66 degrees F.


                  6 & 7.  With the first unit (returned to you), the fan was quiet at first -- I

                  don't remember noticing anything at first.  Then 20-40 minutes after booting,

                  it got not just noticeable, but very loud.  The CPU would not have been doing

                  anything excessive, as it was simply paused at a step in an installer.  I'm

                  not even sure the fan was going faster, it was almost like something started

                  making contact inside the fan.  The noise was steady and grating -- not a

                  typical loud fan sound.  This happened across multiple boots on different

                  days.  Interestingly, pressing on the top of the unit made the sound diminish.

                  It wasn't clear to me whether this was because it was reducing the RPMs or

                  something else.


                  I'm very surprised you cannot duplicate the noise on the unit I returned, as

                  it never stayed quiet for me longer than 40 minutes or so after booting.


                  With the replacement unit I have now, the fan noise is different.  It is more

                  like the noise that jan_andersen posted at:




                  This noise is not as loud as that of the first unit, but it is louder than any

                  other machine I've compared it with.  The noise starts right away on boot,

                  remains steady and never goes away while the unit is on.  It sounds like a

                  motor, which I realize it *is*, but I don't think a fan should sound like



                  I'd really like a solution.



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                    Has there been any update from the engineering team on this issue?  Are there any suggestions from them (or other users) for a viable replacement fan that is bigger/slower/quieter ?

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                      We have a fix that is currently being tested (this is specific to the D34010WY and D54250WY NUCs). We hope to release this fix in about a week.


                      In the meantime, one of the things that you can do to lessen the instability is to go into Visual BIOS and change the Responsiveness parameter for both the Processor and Motherboard temperatures from the Normal setting to the Fast setting.



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                        Has there been any updates on this? Just plugged in my brand new Haswell NUC and expected near silence (like my laptop with Haswell).

                        Serial #G6YK346002R6  SA H14752-101

                        The "sawing sound" someone mentioned is a perfect description. I have not heard a new computer this loud in 5 years. The original quote, "our team has not been able to reliably reproduce the excessive fan noise issue" is a joke, right? What do you consider "excessive"? Why should I have to play Hack-a-Mole with my brand new, premium priced computer?

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                          Hello RickBeec,


                          We identified two separate fan-related issues.


                          The first one was where the fan ran a little too high, causing a higher background noise factor than previous NUCs. The BIOS release v0024 made adjustments to the fan speed controls that should have helped with that.


                          The second issue, which you are describing, has not yet been fully investigated - we have some units now undergoing failure analysis. I'd suggest you contact Intel Customer Support at Intel® NUC Email Support Form and request a replacement NUC.



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                            It was me who invented the term 'sawing sound'. I got a replacement NUC which was even worse (louder and more instable sound.). So I decided to buy an Akasa Newton H which I am happy with. But the PC isn't that cheap by now.

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                              I have a Nuc D34010WYK and i have the same fan noise issue.


                              I had to lower the minimum fan speed to 20%-100% in order to get a lot less noise when watching movie or use web browser.


                              When the processor is under 63° workload, fan speed and noise is ok, but when using more processing power like watching a high bitrate HEVC video, i encounter the same sound again.


                              Please intel do something about it, i'm so disappointed...