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    Throughput problem with AC7260 adapter & driver


      Hi everyone, I have a new Lenovo X240 with a Intel Dual Band AC 7260 adapter,

      Originally X240 comes with driver version, I have test it in a wireless shielding room with D-link DIR-868L (which uses a broadcom chip)

      And use Ixia software for throughput testing, the speed is fine with this version (link rate:866Mbps, real speed: 400~500Mbps),


      However, after I upgrade the AC7260 driver to, in the same environment the realwindows_8 speed can only reach about 100Mbps (link rate still shows 866Mbps).

      then I roll back the driver, speed comes to 400~500Mbps again.

      I have tried using other 802.11ac adapters with the D-Link router, all speed are fine, so what's wrong with my AC7260 and driver

      Any idea how to solve this?


      Thanks in advance!



      PS I tested in both Windows 8 and Windows 8.1