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    Intel® Wireless-N 7260 - slows




      I have a problem with Intel Wireless-N 7260. The card works just fine, but after a few minutes transfer slows down to about 4Mb/s (802.11n -> 802.11b?).

      I tried with all drivers and always have the same problem (now I have , Sometimes the card loses connection and I must reset it.

      Windows 7 64bit Professional on Lenovo Z510

      Sorry for my english.

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          That behavior of 7260 series card regardless of variants (7260N or 7260AC and regardless of laptop brand / model) has already been posted many times here. No matter what tinkering you do with the card or the proset, or power management, you can never eliminate that issue. That issue really sucks when you're uploading a large file then you have to start over again. You just have to wait for a fix in the next Intel update. No drivers have fixed this issue yet.


          I also have a laptop with the 7260N OEM card. Here's my tips to at least lessen the occurrence of the speed drops to 2 - 11 Mbps:


          1) Use Inssider to get the best channel for your router

          2) Follow Lenovo's temporary fix here: Wireless / WIFI network disconnect frequently

          3) Disable USB selective suspend in the advanced power options (Bluetooth uses USB interface) and it helps eliminate Bluetooth disconnect issue

          4) Disable PCI Express Link State Power Management


          With this temporary workaround, the frequency of the occurrence of the speed drop that never goes back to normal without resetting the adapter will be around twice a week to once per 2 weeks.


          For those who have the 7260AC, their permanent fix to eliminate this speed drop problem is to connect to 5 GHz WiFi AC router.

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            We have obtained reports from other users about this issue. I have forwarded the information to engineering so they can work on it.

            We appreciate your patience and understanding in the meantime.

            I am sorry for the inconvenience.

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              I hope Intel and Microsoft will resolve this issue.

              I have t440s with N7260 wifi adapter. And this wifi couldn't connect to wifi. But if it connects, it would disconnect after 15 minutes and only reboot of computer would help. But still for 15 minutes more.


              I've tried to do everything:

              1) update drivers

              2) Proset

              3) power management tricks

              4) playing with transmit power in wifit settings and etc.


              Nothing helps.

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                I have the same problem on my new Schenker S413 laptop.


                I have ordered an expensive alternative for wireless connection (Wireless-AC 7260) and it does not work.


                I guess Intel must hurry up with the solution of this problem, because mostly enterprise hardware have this components installed.


                It will be great to see the solution for both - Linux and Windows - systems.


                Thank you a lot in advance.


                Best regards,


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                  Intel's website identifies my wireless adapter on a Dell Inspiron 5737 (Windows 7 Home 64-bit) as a 7260-AC, not a 7260-N, though neither set of drivers has stopped the drastic drop in speed.


                  Dell so far appears clueless to the problem and perhaps Intel should post some warning/briefing/FAQ explaining this problem.  I have a wireless-n adapter from 2006 that has setting for 40mhz.  Why would this be removed from a wireless-n adapter in 2014?  After 8 years of new technology, the drivers and settings should be clearly identified by now.


                  I'm using Cablevision's Ultra 101 and the Ethernet gives me 95/40 as far as download/upload speeds.  Drops down to at least 65-70 download speeds on a GREAT day with the 7260-N -- though it's usually creeping in at 40-60 and then frequently stalls at 5-10 download speeds.


                  I had five technical people from Cablevision literally rewiring the building to ascertain the problem  What's even more exasperating is that the 7260-N is supposed to be a  wireless adapter that can handle these faster speeds.


                  More settings: GOOD


                  Less settings: BAD



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                    Despite this lack of access to tweaks/settings with the 7260-n, I had found a few ways to get the speeds as high as 70/40 with the wireless adapter -- more than adequate for my needs -- but then it drops to 40/20 or 5/5 (and sometimes no resetting/rebooting/disabling fixes the slowed speeds.


                    I also notice that the Intel drivers for the 7260-ac adapter remove the settings for 2.4/5.2 GHZ -- along with also removing the settings for mixed mode -- so I'm confused why the automatic settings for channels and/or bands in the 7260-n or 7260-ac are left so ambiguous to perhaps allow this inane variance in speed.




                    As for any temporary fix, the only fix that so far works for me has been to remove all the drivers and reboot, allowing a fresh reload of the Dell/Intel drivers.  Works wonderfully for 30 minutes to an hour and then drops into that lower band abyss that has us all calling our Cable providers like someone is siphoning off delicious bandwidth (or a squirrel chewed into the cable wire).

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                      Here some test results from NetIO:


                      UDP connection established.

                      Packet size  1k bytes:  14.78 MByte/s (0%) Tx,  920.00 KByte/s (98%) Rx.

                      Packet size  2k bytes:  3060.32 KByte/s (0%) Tx,  548.36 KByte/s (99%) Rx.

                      Packet size  4k bytes:  3867.41 KByte/s (0%) Tx,  99.63 KByte/s (99%) Rx.

                      Packet size  8k bytes:  6351.59 KByte/s (0%) Tx,  91.82 KByte/s (99%) Rx.

                      Packet size 16k bytes:  7934.71 KByte/s (0%) Tx,  75.48 KByte/s (99%) Rx.

                      Packet size 32k bytes:  10.33 MByte/s (0%) Tx,  79.09 KByte/s (99%) Rx.

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                        Hello joe_intel,


                        is there any movement at the driver side?

                        When can we become our network adapters to work or should we search andorder an alernaive devices (e.g from Atheros)?


                        Thanks a lot in advance.

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                          I have the same problem in my Lenovo Z510 with Windows 7 64 bit. intel Wireless N-7260 work ok on driver 16.6.0 but if i turn on bluetooth and send file to my phone, internet stops working even reconnect does not help and I need to restart the router.

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                            toxa (тоха??), i have resolved this issue by installing (or driver. There was a note from one staff on lenovo forum. Somehow, works perfectly on Lenovo t440s, while 16.6 is not working well.


                            Also on russian forum ixbt, someone said that 16.8 is good for N-7260. You can download 16.8 from dell site or google it. Intel didn't ,ake official release of 16.8

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                              Hi, lobre. Thanks for information. I'll check these two version tonight (hopefully not all the night ).


                              and yeah, тоха я

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                                I tried the 16.8 drivers on my computers and on both with a 7260 Intel Wifi card they both still experience constant limited connectivity and the only way to resolve is to disable and re-enable or run the built in windows network diagnostic which comes up with the default gateway problem and then it fixes it temporarily.. both these pc's are on Windows 8.1

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                                  I have tried 16.8 from Dell - no success. I have constant 600-900kB/s (Windows 7 / Linux). My old HP Compaq 8510w have at the same time 7-10MB/s.


                                  There are plenty of forum threads describing very similar problem on all actual intel wireless adapters.

                                  There is no reaction from intel > therefor:

                                  1. I have ordered Atheros adapter.
                                  2. I will give hint to the main german online review sites to make this problem public


                                  I will report my test results on other hardware.

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                                    Is there any progress in repairing drivers?

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