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    Onboard HDMI/DVI not working also can't clear CMOS


      I have a DG43GT motherboard. Up to now, I have been using it with one monitor plugged into a PCI-e16 VGA card. During each boot it reports No Monitor Found. It carried on regardless, so I assumed that referred to the on-board DVI and HDMI ports. I now plugged in a second monitor via the DVI port. The other monitor, still connected to the PCI-e slot once again reported No Monitor Found, and the monitor plugged into the onboard DVI did not activate.


      After trying various configurations of cables and ports, I eventually removed the PCI-e card, and told the BIOS to use the Internal Graphics. Now when the computer boots I get nothing on the monitor. This is so whether I use HDMI or DVI.


      I then thought I would attempt to Clear the CMOS. Unfortunately, whenever I put jumpers on the Clear CMOS pins, the PC refuses to boot. No power at all. As soon as I pull the Clear CMOS jumper off, it boots again, but still nothing on monitors.


      Any assistance gladly accepted!