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    PCIe x16 not recognizing graphics cards on DH77EB M/B


      I've just been going through a frustrating build using a DH77ED M/B with a G860 processor. This is a fresh Windows 7 64 bit installation using an older 32GB HDD and subsequently an Intel 530 180GB SSD.  I'm able to get a working system only by sticking to using the on-board video.


      I've tried several different BIOS versions and every time I try installing a graphics card in  the PCIe slot I get no video output on the monitor. Coincidentally, none of the graphics cards seem to be detected in BIOS. I've tried every possible combination of UEFI/legacy BIOS enabling in the BOOT section of BIOS with the same results. I've tried disabling the on-board video and setting the PEG video as the primary display, to no avail.


      The graphics cards all work in a much older HP Pavilion machine, so the cards are evidently not the issue. I'm fairly certain that I'll probably need to initiate a warranty return on the M/B but I thought I'd try to get some advice here on other possible options to pursue.


      H/W Info:


      Processor: Intel G860

      Memory: 8GB total 1600MHz DDR3 in DIMM slots 1&2

      M/B: DH77EB version AAG39073-304

      SSD: Intel SSD 530 180 GB  (firmware updated to current)

      HDD: WDC 320 GB

      P/S: EVGA NEX750G


      Unrecognized video cards:

      EVGA GTX640 (1 GB DDR5)

      HIS iSilent5 ( 2GB DDR3 )

      Sapphire Radeon x1650 (512MB DDR3)


      Any other suggestions or does this seem like an RMA issue?

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          You may consider testing the motherboard out of the case with minimum configuration in a non-conductive surface.

          Otherwise you may contact your local Intel® support team for warranty replacement.

          I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

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            I have tried booting without the HDD attached (audio, USB and optical drive still attached) with the M/B still in the case. The boot splash only appears when the monitor is attached to the on-board video. I don't see a boot splash but I do get the boot audible when I insert any of the video cards into the PCIe x16 slot.


            I'm certainly willing to try an out-of case minimal configuration. My thought was to leave the audio attached but remove all drives and USB connections. Does that make sense?


            Any other suggestions or things I might try before initiating a warranty replacement?

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              Perhaps a firmware update for the graphics cards may help but should be done in a different system.

              If the issue still persists, test the motherboard only with the processor and one memory stick, out of case, before sending it for replacement.

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                I did try running a minimal configuration (in the case) with only the audio header, memory and CPU attached. I could not get the video cards to be recognized in the PCIe slot with this configuration.


                I'm unclear about what would be accomplished by trying the same thing with only a single memory stick? I'm also not certain that firmware updates on the video cards are warranted as they work in a much older generation M/B (Asus P5LP-LE) and also work in another M/B with an H77 chipset (see the following paragraph).


                I installed an ASRock H77 Pro-M motherboard with all of the same hardware I had on the Intel DH77EB. The ASRock M/B recognized the video cards in its PCIe 16x slot without a problem. I was able to complete my build using the ASRock M/B.


                It would seem that this would suggest the Intel board is defective. I am initiating the warranty return process.


                Thanks for your suggestions.

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                  I too have same problem. I have this Motherboard DH77EB . I am using with intel core i3-3220 cpu and 2x4gb 1600mhz ram. I recently purchased graphics card xfx r7 260x 2gb core edition online. This card has PCIe 16x 3.0. When I installed this card on motherboard, it never detected the card. Otherwise the same card is working on other latest as well as older motherboard. I also roll backed different MOBO BIOS but nothing worked for me.


                  And now few days back audio line out of MOBO starts dis-functioning.

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                    Using a single memory stick is just a “best practice” recommendation. An update for the graphics card is recommended because not all the motherboards and BIOS are made the same even if they share the same chipset.

                    These are the only steps we can recommend without knowing if this is a compatibility issue or possibly two defective motherboards. Hopefully hdeetst will share his result after replacement.