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    Add graphic card to Intel 945 board


      I am using Intel 945GCPE series board with Intel core 2 Duo 4400 series (2.0 GHz) processor and 2+1 GB RAM.

      I want to add Graphic card of ZOTAC 610-630 series (2GB DDR3). Please advise whether my system will support DDR 3 series cards. Further Max RAM support given in product catalogue is 4GB, it has anything to do with system RAM and dedicated graphic RAM ?



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          Hi chawlamp,


          Let me help you out with this.


          The board you have supports up to PCI 2.0. If the graphics card is PCI 3.0 it is backwards compatible meaning that it should work in your system.


          I recommend you updating the bios in your system before connecting the video card. It is important to say that the board supports the card but it does not necessarily means that it is compatible with the card since the board is quite old now. So my best recommendation is as mentioned before, update the bios and check for a firmware update for your card.