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    Intel NUC Kit DN2820FYKH and HDMI CEC



      does this kit support HDMI CEC ?



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          Hello G, it seems to be that there is a header on the NUCs D54250WYB and D34010WYB that your NUC does not have. This header is to implement or support HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (CEC).



          The following link is the TPS for the D54250WYB and D34010WYB please go to section 2.2.3 Header Top and you will see the “Custom Solutions Header”  http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23089/eng/D54250WYB_D34010WYB_TechProdSpec03.pdf




          So basically the DN2820FYKH does not support CEC. The support will have to be software wise, but hardware wise there is no connector onboard to enable it or to use it



          If you want to use this feature, we can recommend you to use a Haswell NUCs, but the configuration or usage of CEC has to be on your own, since we do not provide support for that.