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    I broke the WiFi cable connector :(


      G'day all,


      In a moment of stupidity I managed to break off the tiny gold "pigtail / ipex connector" from one of the WiFi wires in my NUC. I'm wondering what I can do now? Is it possible to order a new wire and replace it? or should I take it to a computer repair shop and ask them to replace the connector on the end for me? It's too small and fiddly for me to do. I haven't completely disassembled my NUC and I haven't been able to find any pictures online of the other end of this wire. I've seen pictures of the inside of the chassis where the wire goes through a hole covered with some (EMI?) tape, but not sure what happens beneath that, so I'm unsure as to whether or not it would be easy to simply remove and replace it.. Any help would be greatly appreciated!