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    Intel NUC D54250WYK HDMI Problem


      I connect my NUC to Samsung SmartTV UE55D8000 via mini HDMI- HDMI cable.

      By I can't see BIOS Logo screen. I cant see windows loading screen. I can see only "No Signal" on my TV.

      I cant get an image on TV - after I disconnect and connect mini HDMI cable to the NUC again.

      I updated BIOS version to 22. But there is no results.

      I can see BIOS sometimes when I turn off the Nuc and dissconnect power cable for some time. But I'am not sure in result.

      Doing like this I entered BIOS, found Display properties and set first display to HDMI and second to none.

      But no results.

      I have no mini DP cable to try with it, but I think we have problem here with detecting HDMI cable is connected to the NUC.


      I bought this PC like a present to my brother and I want to fix this problem as soon as possible.


      There is a Windows 7 Max installed with drivers from your support site.

      2xdmm DDR3 Crucial 2GB 1333 memory

      and 60 gb Kingston mS200 SSD


      You can connect with me any time you like and I can do any test you like to solve the problem.


      Thank you very much.


      Andrew Kondrashov