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    USB controller in Macbook Pro 15 (late 2013)


      I'm getting into video capture and I'm looking at buying a capture box that will work with my Macbook Pro.


      This one fits the bill: http://www.solarisjapan.com/xcapture-1-usb-3-0-hd-capture-unit/ it's Windows only which is fine as I have Windows 7 running via Bootcamp.


      The issue is it apparently only works with Renesas and Intel usb controllers, and I'm trying to identify what's used in the Macbook.


      OS X system information doesn't appear to name the controller, there is mention of Broadcom but I think this relates to Bluetooth.


      In Windows 7 the Intel eXtensible Host Controller driver is installed, would this indicate an Intel usb controller is being used?


      I had a look at the iFixit teardown for the Macbook and it does have an Intel Platform Controller Hub chip, if that is any further indication.


      I'd be grateful if you could put my mind at rest.


      Many thanks,