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    Intel HD 4000 Graphics 3 Independent Displays


      In regards to this article:




      I have a lenovo thinkpad x230 tablet. It has the intel hd 4000 graphics. On the laptop, I have displayport and vga. If I ran a displayport to displayport cable to one monitor, ran a vga to hdmi converter to a second monitor, and then ran a usb to hdmi to a third monitor, would this work? And I would NOT want all screens to be duplicated.


      I have seen the chart in the article I mentioned above under What three independent displays are supported? but I'm not sure if a usb to hdmi would constitute an independent display or not. Thanks.

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          Hi roastedhot,


          I am sorry to hear you are having problems installing the driver but let me help you.


          As per the information in the web, the correct configuration to get triple display when using the Intel® HD Graphics 4000 is to have at least 2 display ports and other connection such as VGA, HDMI, DVI or Embedded Display port.


          I am afraid to say that the USB is not a connection to get the triple display; however, you can try using it but we do not guarantee the correct functionality.


          It is also important to mention that the adapters may interfere and affect the signals when trying to get this configuration therefore Intel® recommends using a direct connection between the monitor and the computer to avoid these problems.