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    Intel Wireless-N 7260 fails to connect WLAN and Bluetooth with Windows 8.1


      Hello Community!


      I recently bought a Lenovo T440s with an Intel Wireless-N 7260 Wireless and Bluetooth chip.

      The device is amazing, everything went fluently. I updated all the drivers, the BIOS, my software and uninstalled the waste, like cloud saving services, games and so on. Everthing was perfect until i updated to Windows 8.1.


      Since this update, the Wireless-N 7260 won't work properly any more. The internet is not available directly from the OS startup, I have to wait several minutes. My Bluetooth mouse has abrupt failures for several minutes, works then again, but only for 10 minutes approx.


      I also tried every driver and ProSET-version from forum threads I read from people with similar problems. The last try was the actual version 16.7.0, but also with that version it won't work.


      I am pretty desperate right now, because the notebook itself is one hot *** piece, and I love to work with Windows 8.1 also.

      Please Intel, tell me what to do, or even better, release a driver that works!

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