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    hdcp issue in "clone" configuration



      My configuration: Intel i3 3240 + Seven x86 sp1 + drivers (latest ones).

      The pc is connected to 2 displays in clone mode : A tv and a videoprojector, both are hdcp compliant.

      My videoprojector is 3d compatible and my tv not. When I read a 3d bluray, I switch off the tv.

      When I try to read a 3d bluray in arcsoft total media theater 6 or cyberlink powerdvd 13, very quicly after the beginning of the playback, after the projector switches in 3d mode, an error message appears saying that my monitor is not hdcp compliant and the playback stops.

      If I switch the output of the graphics driver to the videoprojector only (clone mode disabled), it works but it's annoying for me.

      With my previous configuration (amd+nvidia gt 520) it worked too.

      Please can you fix this hdcp issue?