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    Processor Overheating



      I am having the following configuration

      My Specs

      MoBo          -  Intel DP55WB
      CPU            -  Intel i5 760

      CPU Cooler - Cooler Master Hyper 101
      RAM            -  Transcend 4GBx1 DDR3
      GC               -  Nvidia GTX460
      HDD            -  Seagate 1.25TB


      Few days ago my stock cpu cooler's fan blade broke by accident and was overheating so I purchased after quite some research the above said cooler. But now my cpu temp is fluctuating(from 30 to 70oC) even if I dont use the system, Kindly assist me with the problem. Ask any details and I shall provide without much time loss. I am extremely dependent on my Desktop. Also this temp. fluctuation is not even all throughout my cpu cores. When one core is at 30oC other core strikes 70oC.


      I used RealTemp s/w to watch the cpu temp. But the weird thing was even after the fan blade was broken my cpu temp went even upto 20oC.

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          I am sorry to hear that you had broken components on Intel parts.

          Intel recommends replacing components for same brand and model, this means if one of the processor fan blades broke off, you need to get same processor fan. Intel does not guarantee that Third Party cooling solutions will maintain processor working as expected.

          If your processor is under warranty you can submit a ticket and replace the fan through Intel customer support.


          If you need live support, please log on to the online chat at: