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    "Volume Capacity Expansion" with ICH10R on DX58SO


      Hi I am unable to expand the capacity of a RAID0 volume with ICH10R on DX58SO I started with a 2TB RAID 0 (2x1TB drives) it allowed me to modify the volume and add a third identcal drive which then rebuilt the RAID 0.......5 hours later I was prompted to reboot only to find I was left with my original 2TB partition and 2 unallocated spaces on the volume....1 of about 184GB and the other of about 700GB....at this point I went back to the Matrix control panel and again selected modify this time I had some more options....one of which was to expand the volume to use full capacity so I selected this but nothing seems to have happened.....I still have my 2TB RAID0 and the 2 unallocated spaces....any ideas.....this is a storage partition not an OS partition