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    Interesting Problem


      I bought an Intel 320 120 GB SSD back in February of 2011.  I installed it in my laptop but decided to use my larger 640 GB hard drive for the time being until it failed in November of 2013.  As I had moved in the summer of 2011, the drive stayed in a box the entire time and still had Windows 7 on it.  SInce I was using Windows 8.1, I decided to install Windows 8 on the SSD.  For some reason, the computer takes forever to boot to the installation media (I have tried both USB and DVD formats).  If I am patient long enough, the installation will run through and I can use Windows 8 for about 20 minutes before it locks up and refuses to ever boot again.  Here are my questions:


      #1 - Since buying the drive in 02/11, I have not updated the firmware of the drive.  I downloaded the SSD Toolbox, but it says the firmware is already up to date.  I have a hard time believing that no new firmware has come out since I bought the drive, how could this be true?


      #2 - Is there a known problem with AMD mobile chipsets and Intel SSDs?  I have seen other computers randomly have problems with their SSDs before (such as not being recognized by Windows Setup) but this one really confuses me.


      #3 - Any recommendations from here?


      Just a few more notes - Both the DVD and USB Windows installation media immediately start with the drive unplugged.  Additionally, Windows 7 works completely fine with the SSD, it just seems Windows 8 does not want to.

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          Hello Natezor, I am sorry for the behavior you are experiencing with the Intel® SSD.


          It is certainly odd to obtain different results since the operating systems should be completely transparent for the drive itself. I suggest testing the Intel® SSD in a different SATA controller (or port) or a different system altogether, if possible. Updating the BIOS in your system may also help.


          Latest firmware for Intel® SSD 320 was released August 2011.

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            You may also want to try using a different SATA controller driver. For example, you may use the Microsoft*'s driver instead of AMD*'s, or viceversa.