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    Issues with adding memory to Intel DP55WB


      So i'm trying to get some life out of this motherboard, originally purchased in 2010. It currently has 2 x 2G Kingston sticks in it and was planning on replacing these with 2 x 4G sticks in the same slots. I purchased a pair of PNY MDK8192KD3-1333 which matched up to the specs of the motherboard exactly. I also updated the bios to the most current version, verified voltage and all I get out of the computer when I boot with the new memory is 3 long beeps. I'm not sure what direction to go at this point since I don't want to just keep buying different RAM sticks and guess as to whether they will work or not. I've emailed PNY to see if there is a compatability issue on that they know of, just looking for any possible suggestions at this point.


      Thanks in advance.