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    Is D54250WYK really capable for 4K videos?


      4K is a new buzz-word at CES 2014. I believe, HD5000 was promoted as a 4K-capable solution so I've gave it a try. It worth mentioning that there are no 4K monitors around so all the experiements were accomplished on a regular FullHD monitor and 4K video was downscaled to fit 1080p during playback.


      MPC-HC was choosen as a player due to its wide spread -- it's got bundled with various codec packs -- and its on-screen playback statistics. See screenshots attached.


      Sample videos came from (credits to their authors):

      1. 4K Test Sequences | Elemental Technologies -- Coastguard Pro Res, last in the list of samples -- MPEG-4 QuickTime, 602 Mbps, 3 840 x 2 160 pixels, 23.976 fps
      2. 4K Resolution Original Digital cinema 4K 4096×2304 [QFHD 3840x2160] DEMO ULTRA HD - YouTube -- grabbed 4K video and played locally -- AVC High@L5.1, 17.6 Mbps, 4 096 x 2 304 pixels, 25.000 fps


      So... As on-screen statistics in attachments shows, neither 4K sample was played in a default framerate, frames were severely dropped -- 9/23.976 and 17/25! QT sample was not hardware accelerated, AVC sample was accelerated with DXVA2. Moreover, both times CPU was working hard showing its load between 48% and 60%. Fan was rotating at speeds between 5000 rpms and 6200 rpms. CPU temperatures were around 70C.


      To me, everything indicates against the comfortable 4K playback with i5-4250U in my current system setup.


      Intel, would you advise something? What codec/player should I use for a frame-to-frame 4K playback without boiling NUC in its tiny box?


      Any feedback is highly appreciated!

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          Hi Bloody_Nokia_Adept (one of the more interesting handles I've seen here),


          I can tell you the NUC team regularly runs demos of 4k video using the i5 NUC and it works perfectly.  This is done using actual 4k displays and not downgrading as you list above.  While I haven't run tests similar to the ones you did I can say the picture quality is excellent and I didn't see any dropped frames.



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            Hey Jason!


            (Yeah, this funny nickname has a story to be told... May be some other day though)


            In the modern science, experiment is worthless if it cannot be reproduced, especially if it is not reproducible with the similar equipment. OK, in our case, screens are different but the NUC is still the same! That's why I was asking for more details on how to make it happen to me.


            So, the question is the same: How to make NUC playing 4k video on FullHD screen smoothly?


            Answers like -- Oh, there is a secret demo team somewhere within Intel Corp. that accomplishes the task in their secret lab... -- are just completely irrelevant to me. I hope you see my point here

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              Hi again,


              I do see your point.  I was just offering my own (purely unscientific) observations of what I'd seen.  The demo I'm referring to isn't some secret thing though; it's the setup Intel is using at trade shows (CES for one) and at our various campuses.  There's nothing mysterious about it.  It's a store-bought 4K TV, an i5 Haswell NUC, and an HDMI cable.  No special configuration or customer drivers needed.  In fact when they did the NUC show here at our campus the NUC team borrowed a 4K tv from the local site.


              The 4K content they used was just some scenes of nature, fireworks, other events.  I believe it's a downloadable 4k demo. Nothing special there.


              So I guess my answer to your question, "How to make NUC playing 4k video on FullHD screen smoothly?", is that you just plug it in and it should play smoothly...no extra work needed.


              Sorry I don't have anything more specific than my own experience.



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                Jason, appreciate your thoughts!


                To me, a mid-age techie, it was not supposed to be a rocket science either. I thought it should be kind of straight plug-n-play experience but... But you may see screenshots attached -- there is definetely something wrong, NUC should not struggle playing 4K content! This "wrong" is either me, or my OS setup, or NUC hardware, or a "lucky" combination of them. I don't know.


                Hopefully, someone will help me to figure out this.

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                  Bloody_Nokia_Adept, The NUC D54250WYK is capable for 4k video. This NUC comes with HD5000 integrated graphics. The maximum display resolution for it will be the following:


                  DisplayPort* 1.2 / eDP*

                  • H-Processors: 3840 x 2160@60Hz  (Ultra-HD)
                  • U-Processors: 3200 x 2000  @60 Hz, 840x2160@30Hz

                  HDMI* 4096 x 2304, 3840x2160 @ 24Hz / 24bpp





                  About the processor’s temperature the maximum temperature allowed at the processor die is 100C. See the information attached, under the T-junction http://ark.intel.com/products/75028/Intel-Core-i5-4250U-Processor-3M-Cache-up-to-2_60-GHz?q=i5-4250U

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                    Glad to meet you in the thread! There are absolutely no doubts in NUC's ability to maintain the 4K screen resolution -- it will power 4K displays! Question is rather about 4K video playback and the amount of system resources for it.


                    I will be more than happy to see your answers onto the following "advanced" questions on the topic -- definetely, in case if D54250WYK is somewhere around you:

                    1. Could you please tell me the codec pack and video player you're using for 4K playback?

                    2. Could you please tell whether sample videos from my initial message above are getting played smoothly and without frame drops?

                    3. Could you please point me to other 4K video online samples that work for you without frame drops?


                    Thank you in advance!

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                      In case if this affects your answers: my NUC is connected to the VGA display over mDP-to-VGA adapter, this one Re: MiniDP to VGA Adapter That Works with D54250WYK


                      Thanks and looking forward to hear back from you!

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                        Is the NUC D34010WYK2 also capable of running 4k video?



                        Sorry for borrowing your thread ;-)

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                          Hey, Hobbit, you're welcome!


                          BTW, could you please test videos from the initial message too and share your experience with us?

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                            OK, I'm answering my own question: yes, it is definitely capable and I did it finally!


                            As someone pointed out on the different forum, KLite and CCCP codec packs are rather redundant these days and MPC-HT is completely sufficient, alone, without any codec packs installed. So, find MPC-HT settings attached as well as 4K playback stats -- 800 MHz, 10% of CPU load, frame-to-frame playback.


                            In other words, trouble-maker was mentioned in my original post but nobody pointed out that clean MPC-HT coupled with Intel HD5000 Graphics Driver will do the trick. Hopefully, this will help other community members.