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    How to run a binary file on galileo.


      First i install the ADT installer.

      and then followed the steps to create and run a project on GNU autotools from the following link.

      Yocto Project Application Developer's Guide


      on the development system i am able to run the binary file.

      but on Galileo it is throwing error.


      "root@clanton:/media/mmcblk0p1/app# hello

      -su: /bin/hello: cannot execute binary file"


      Note:- On Galileo i have yocto image on SD card.

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          Which way of getting the toolchain have you used out of that guide? I'm not 100% sure as I yet have this in a ToDo list, but I think the default toolchain you can download using one of the first methods listed in the Guide may be not suitable.


          Take a look at the Galileo BSP Build Guide, which you can find in the documentation section of this community. One of the sections describes the toolchain generation and I think the one you'd generate that way should work better.