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    d54250wyk problem with stereo sound


      Hi all,


      I have my NUC connected through my AVR (Denon AVR-1910) to my TV with HDMI, and almost everything works flawlessly. Except when I play video content with stereo sound, for instance YouTube.


      In example if I open the browser, go to YouTube, and play a video, this usually works. However, if I watch one clip, and then want to watch another just a few seconds later the sound disappear. I can solve this problem by changing the source back and forth, or just toggling between a stereo/direct mode. Sometimes it also works to enable any random equalizing effect on the AVR, and then just turn it off. But toggling stereo/direct mode is the most reliable. The problem also occurs if I pause the video for more than about 4 seconds.


      Dolby/DTS or any other HQ/HD sound works every time.


      All my drivers are the latest, but I do not think my BIOS is the latest. Did not want to this unless it would be considered necessary.