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    Desktop board DZ77GA-70K - BIOS ???


      I bought in October 2012th Intel Desktop Board DZ77GA - 70K , Intel i5 - 3570K and the Intel SSD 520 180GB .

      On the PC, the system is Windows7 - 64bit .


      Intel Desktop Bord DZ77GA - 70K was purchased with BIOS ver .0021 and now I'm working with the same version of the 0021.

      I checked all the BIOS updates that you have and build on what and what is the fix, so I figured why I have some problems with my motherboard DZ77GA - 70K . ( when you turn on the PC , the fans spin at maximum speed , why do my schedule to boot the system I used to be a mess , some settings do not work well , and my PC in Win7 sometimes known by itself reset , I tried it with a Corsair Force3 SSD 120GB and Western Digital Blue 1TB HDD , and the same is happening ) .

      So I want to upgrade the BIOS .
      I wonder if I can upgrade my version of 0021 at the latest BIOS ver 0066 ?
      Do you have to go row 0021-0066 ( 0027 , 0035 ... 0064 , 0066 - there are 14 versions ) ?
      Does this ver . 0066 has all the upgrades and fixes version 0027-0064 ?
      Which method updates the BIOS do you recommend ?
      Thank you in advance for your answers , you will help me a lot !!!