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    Intel Nuc D34010WYK and Epson WirelessHD not working


      I have an Intel Nuc D34010WYK and it sucessfully displays an image with my Epson projector EH-TW6100W when i connect it directly to HDMI1 with a cable. The Epson projector supports also WirelessHD. The Intel Nuc does not display an image when i connect it with WirlessHD (no signal). I have a Raspberry Pi and there it works without problems.


      I connect the Nuc with a MiniHDMI to HDMI adapter. I also tried to connect the Nuc with a DisplayPort to HDMI adapter, but also there I have no signal. Connected directly to the projector HDMI1 with a cable everything works fine, just the WirelessHD stuff does not work.


      Any hints or solution? Am I missing some BIOS settings?