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    Core i5 4440s and 4440s performance


      Hi guys,

      I'm thinking of buying one of the above processors due to their lower TDPs, but have a few questions as there's not an awful lot on the web about any 's' versions of the i3/i5:

      I understand that the lower TDP means lower power consumption, which I like for web browsing etc. but in terms of performance does it have any other implications other than the slightly lower standard frequencies when compared to their respective non-s versions?

      For instance I read somewhere the lower TDP will not allow the CPU to work near its max TDP for long [in Turbo mode(?)], but since games don't tax CPUs as much as GPUs these days does it matter in 1 or 2 hours of playing a game?

      Also, since I'll be getting a discrete GPU, but might not need its superior performance over the on-die HD 4600 all the time, would switching between the two GPUs at will from time to time be possible and manageable in practice?


      Thanks for any help

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          Enzo_86, comparing an I5-4440 and the I5-4440s, graphics wise the performance will be same since both processors have HD4600 with a base frequency of 350 MHz. If the motherboard comes with a feature that dynamically increased the graphics engine speed it may go up to 1.1 GHz,   in other words both CPUs perform the same on graphics.


          The only difference is going to be the TDP and the clock speed. http://ark.intel.com/compare/75038,75040         


          BTW, I’m only comparing these 2 processors since the I3 processor model number was not included on your post.

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            Thanks for your reply sylvia and sorry for the wrong title, which should obviously read 4440 vs 4440s... coming back to the matter of TDP. From your reply the slightly lower base CPU freq. seems like the only limitation the lower TDP on 4440s creates, so can I safely assume that apart from that the 's' version is no worse for even heavy duty tasks like games and other apps, despite the lower TDP cap?